2013 Moon Gods 6 Boys 

2016 Tommy Bahama (Co-bred with Z' Faro) 4 Boys, 6 Girls

We do very limited breeding, but do maintain a waiting list.  Just fill out a questionnaire on Kaije Kennels Gooddog Waiting list is not a first come, first serve basis.  Pups will be matched to proper home based primarily on temperament and personality.
Kaije Kennels general rules regarding puppies:
1) Puppies will not be released to their homes until they are between 10-14wks old. This allows proper evaluation of the puppy and match as close as possible to the new home.  In this time they will begin learning basic manners, crate training and housebreaking.  *case by case requests if dog needs to go sooner
2) No deposits will be taken on pups until about 2wks and full payment must be received before puppy is sent to new home. *Travel expenses separately discussed.
3) All puppies will be raised around children and other animals.
4) All puppies will be raised on the "Avidog" Program.
5) Any dogs of my breeding will be welcomed back at any point in their lives regardless of why.  Contact me privately for details.
6) Refunds off of purchase price will be offered throughout the dog's life for certain accomplishments such as titles.  See "KAIJE KENNELS SAMPLE CONTRACT". for details.  *Not to exceed purchase price after subtracting starter kit value.

7) Puppies with breed standard disqualifications will be sold on limited registration and a spay/neuter contract.  All others will be sold on a NO spay/Neuter contract until re-evaluated between 2-3yys old for breeding potential.

8) My dogs are bred for their high prey drive. We take pride in maintain the instinct to hunt with this beautiful breed.