Are both parents AKC or European Champions? (AKC is the Gold standard in the US)
(side note:  parents do not need to be AKC Champions to be bred, but is highly desired.  I would question someone breeding a non AKC Champion dog if this is their first pharaoh hound)

How many litters do they produce a year?
****What health testing has been done on both parents? Should be a minimum of eye, hips, patellas, and thyroid for Pharaoh Hounds.

****Ask if ANY dogs in the pedigree ever had any known health issues. And what was the result of said health issues?

What does the puppy get prior to home placement and/or what do they go with?

Ask to see the contract!

Are they willing to take the dog back at any moment no questions asked if need be?

Are they selling the dog on co-ownership?

What are their goals with their breeding program?

Are the dogs microchipped?

Are they willing to mentor for the life and beyond of their dog?