Boarding Fees: X-Large $20.00/ day or $550.00/month, all other sizes $10.00/ day or $350.00/month

Training and/or Conditioning only: $35.00/hour (minimum Charge) 

Bathing: $50.00 and up (minimum charge) First time bathing rates MAY be higher

Nail Trimming at Shows: $10.00

Litter evaluation: $100.00 not including travel expenses

**Expenses : Flat rate split among all clients

Discounts (Amount taken off final invoice): 
20% Discount for Military/1st Responders/Teachers off of taxable items
Multi-dog discount 20% off per dog on taxable items

Agent Number:

Liability Insurance provided through THE HARTFORD


All rates current as of 2/2023 


Class Dog    80 
Special Dog    100 
Ringside pick up {AFTER CLOSING} (includes 20min grooming and/or acclimation)

All-breed and Premium  120 
Walk In (No Grooming and/or acclimation   )100 
Premium Show/Specialty/Supported Entry  125 

Non-Regular Class/Sweepstakes  25 
Winners Only/BOB Only Class dog 60

Westminster Class    500 
Westminster Special   800 
Westminster Ringside pick up {AFTER CLOSING} (includes 20min grooming and/acclimation)   300 
Westminster Walk-in (NO GROOMING)   200 

Group 1 Bonus   125 
Group 2 Bonus   100 
Group 3 Bonus    75 
Group 4 Bonus    50 

Specialty/Supported entry BOB Bonus    100 
RBIS Bonus   200 
BIS Bonus   300 


Package 10 Walk-In (NO GROOMING) Shows (Excluding Premium, Specialty/Supported shows)     500 
Package 10 Class Shows (Excluding Premium, Specialty/Supported shows)   600 
Package 10 Specials Shows (Excluding Premium, Specialty/Supported shows)   800 
Package 10 Ringside Shows {AFTER CLOSING} (Excluding Premium, Specialty/Supported shows)   900 

 * All prices subject to change.  
**No other discounts below will be applied and excluding Premium Shows, Specialties, or Supported Entries.  

We use Entries On Time for most of our shows.

If you want to enter an MBF/Infodog show on your own; please follow these directions:

Infodog/MBF entry instructions

Kaije Kennel Handling only Gift Certificates
  • Kaije Kennel Handling only Gift Certificates

Kaije Kennel Handling only Gift Certificates

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Kaije Kennel Handling only Gift Certificates

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CONTACT FORM (Click here)
Other Terms and Conditions 


  1. Client agrees to pay $500.00 per dog, as a retainer fee when dropping off said dog(s) that shall remain with Handler.
  2. Client responsible for all handling fees and show expenses even for any of the following circumstances:
    1. Should Client cancel the dog(s) from competition less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the show entry closing date, or
    2. Should Client cancels the dog(s) from competition after the show entry has closed, or
    3. Should Client misses the entry deadline for such shows Client and Handler have mutually agreed upon and confirmed, or
    4. Should dog finish its championship or single out prior to the end of a show circuit, or
    5. Should Client dog be excused from the ring by a judge, or
    6. Should a show be canceled, or
    7. Should Handler and/or show committee decide that it is unsafe to show the dog(s) because of weather, facility conditions, or by an act of God.
  3. Client agrees to pay all handling fees, bonuses, show expenses, boarding and grooming fees as and when invoiced.
  4. Should Handler pull Client’s dog(s) from competition for any reason, then a refund of the handling fee(s) shall be credited to the Client’s next invoice. Client shall still be responsible for all expenses for that show.
  5. Should a Client dog be carried on the truck for training or limited showing, Client shall pay expenses for each show day whether or not the dog is entered or shown.
  6. Client agrees to use entry service of Handler’s Choice or provide proof of entry (2) weeks prior to closing date.
  7. Client agrees to list Handler’s Agent number (AKC0303) on all entries the Handler is expected to show.
  8. Client agrees to reimburse Handler for any items Client’s dog has destroyed, such as, but not limited to, bedding, crates, towels, furniture, toys and/or landscaping. 
  9. Client agrees to pay Handler in full for all charges owed to Handler before allowing Client’s dog to be shown by any other Handler, unless it is mutually agreed upon beforehand.


  1. Client shall receive all ribbons, trophies and a report of their dog’s results from the shows the dog was entered in for all amounts under $2,500.  Over $2,500 will be further discussed and negotiated.
  2. Handler keeps all cash prizes awarded in the show ring.
  3. Handler reserves the right to do what she feels is the most advantageous for the majority of the clients and for each dog at each show. All dogs shall be handled personally by Handler except under any circumstances beyond the Handler’s control, at which time it is understood that another competent handler/assistant or junior handler of Handler’s choosing shall replace Handler.
  4. Should Handler retain any dog specials for any of the shows, then Handler shall be responsible for showing such special and Client understands that Handler shall hand off Client’s dog to a competent handler/assistant of junior handler for Best of Breed judging.
  5. Client dogs that reside full time with Handler shall have preferred status at shows to ringside pick-ups or part-time clients. In addition, dogs are booked on a first come first serve basis after said full time dogs are booked.
  6. Ringside pickup policy: It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the following:
    1. Dog is clean, groomed and presentable prior to arrival at ringside; and
    2. Dog is available ringside at time of class wearing the appropriate show lead; and
    3. Client shall ensure safe and appropriate maintenance of the dog while ringside during judging of additional classes should dog be required for further judging; and
    4. Handler reserves the right not to show the dog should it not meet Handler’s grooming requirements or should the dog show signs of being very stressed; and
    5. Client agrees to pay Handler in full the day of ringside pickup.


  1. Extra services shall include, but are not limited to, grooming, training, conditioning, breeding, evaluating, consulting and delivery service. Fees shall be mutually agreed upon on an individual Client basis.


  1. Based on the Handler’s experience, the following policies are recommended in order to show the Client’s dog(s) to their best possible advantage while optimizing cost effectiveness and safety of the dog:
  2. Client agrees to bring the dog(s) to Handler for a period of time (to be determined based on the individual dog) prior to the dog’s first set of shows in order to allow the dog and Handler to bond together, and to allow the Handler adequate time to provide any necessary training, conditioning and grooming the dog requires before it is shown.
  3. Should the dog stop eating properly, show signs of being stressed or exhibits any unusual behavior, then Handler shall consult with Client to determine the proper course of action needed for the dog that the parties mutually agreed upon.
  4. The parties agree that changing a dog’s food can cause some shedding or coat issues, especially on double-coated breeds, therefore, Client agrees to provide Handler with the dog’s current food should Handler not have this particular brand of food on hand.
  5. Handler reserves the right to seek and use veterinary care and medications at the owner’s expense at any time Handler deems it is necessary for the wellbeing of the dog.
  6. Handler shall immediately notify Client should the dog become sick or injured in order for the parties to consult on the best treatment for the dog. Should the Client be unavailable for consultation, then Client agrees to use Handler’s judgment for determining the proper treatment for the dog should a decision need to be made immediately.
  7. In the event an emergency or life-threatening situation, Handler shall notify Client as soon as the dog has been stabilized and/or following the veterinary consultation.
  8. Client gives Handler permission to seek veterinary care for any of the dog(s) owned by Client that are in Handler’s care and Client agrees that Client is responsible for all such veterinary expenses incurred.
  9. Should Client’s dog attack or cause injury to any of the dogs in Handler’s care, then Client shall be responsible for all veterinary costs for the care of the dog that was attacked and/or injured by Client’s dog.


  1. All owners will be notified of the results with their dog at the completion of each weekend via email, phone call, text message or Facebook messenger.

    All dogs in my care are required to be treated for flea and tick and Heartworm.
  2. A special charge may be required for dog’s first grooming when it enters the kennel for show purposes. 
  3. Veterinarian appointments $50.00 plus mileage (IRS current rate up to 200miles.  Half of IRS Rate for 201+miles.) Veterinarian charges will be billed directly to you on day of service via phone call.
  4. Invoices will go out prior to the start of planned show.  Expenses must be paid prior to start of show weekend.  All other fees must be paid by end of show weekend unless already discussed.
  5. All checks for handling, boarding and entry fees should be made payable to Bekki Pina. Cash, check or PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp are accepted
  6. All accounts have a credit limit of $500.00.  Once any of this amount is past due; it is our discretion if your dog gets shown. 
  7. For any non-sufficient checks a $35.00 service charge will be added to your account. 
  8. Any account turned over for collection will be charged all court costs, legal fees and collection fees. 
  9. All past due accounts subject to 2.5% late fee interest per 30days.
  10. A permanent record for each client must be signed and be accompanied by this rate sheet, contract, and limited power of attorney must be on file with Bekki Pina d.b.a Kaije Kennels Handling, before I can show your dog or take possession of your dog. 
  11. The parties agree and acknowledge that Handler shall exercise due care and precautions at all times, but shall not be responsible for escape, self-inflicted damage, theft, injury inflicted by other animals, illness, loss or any unavoidable occurrences.  Furthermore, Client agrees that Handler shall not be held responsible for the dog(s) illness, death or loss of dog unless it is deemed to have occurred by Handler’s negligence.
  12. This writing constitutes the entire agreement between the parties as to the subject, and no modifications will be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties. In the event collection is necessary by or through an attorney at law, Client agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees and investigative expenses.
  13. A Mutual Non-Discloser Agreement may be required for signature.
  14. Liability, Care and Custody insurance covered by The Hartford.
  15. This is a legal and binding contract in Blount County, Alabama