2016 Kaije'Z Faro Tommy Bahama Litter

Kaije Kennels and Z-Faro are pleased to announce the upcoming breeding of "Posh" (on lease from the very esteemed Lileo Kennels owned by the very respected Jayme Jones and Libby Leone) to our own Moon God, Zeke.  Both have been health tested and results are available.  Both also have many great successes in the ring and on the field.  This breeding will have some very old lines, some heavy Country of Origin blood and as a line breeding should produce very typey dogs the look like dogs of times past.  Please contact us if you have any questions and please fill out the questionnaire to get on the waiting list.
(Special thanks to Kelsey Kronmiller for the ad.)


Click below to watch puppies live!!!!


What' all that noise?!?! Today the puppies start their hourly sounds desensitation sessions.  While in the box, comforted by mom and eating; they are being exposed for an hour a day to loud sounds like Thunderstorms, fireworks, loud engines, crowds, horns, and other bang type scary sounds.  This teaches them that these sounds are ok and nothing to be afraid of.  Because we want a calm soothing learning experience, we put Doterra  Balance, Serenity and Vetiver i. The diffuser while they are in session.

I like my dogs "bomb proof".  Nothing worse than a dog so afraid it becomes a danger to itself and others.  These puppies get the foundation to not react to these noises when they go out to the real world.

What exciting things! 2 weeks old! 

So the Tommy Bahama litter is progressing well!  They had their first worming session, that's always fun..lol!  They had their nails trimmed by Dremel for the 1st time.  Their eyes are open and the are moving around alot on all four of their feet!  They also know my scent and maybe my voice, because they all run up to the edge of the box waiting for petting.. :)

Also due to life just having poor timing, we have 2 boys and 2 girls not yet spoken for.  Please contact us if you are interested. 

The Best is yet to come.. Snuggles Please 

So the pups are at the stage in their life that they are becoming snugglers with humans.  Grey boy loves his belly rubbed and twitches his leg/  It is so so so adorable.  I love how affectionate these pups are already.  Over the next few weeks we will start to see their personalities really show.  Hope you are all enjoying the cameras.  :D

Gaining weight, running circles and now on the big screen! 

So the puppies are all gaining weight daily even Teeni!!  They are doing amazing with their Puppy Culture protocol exercises.  I love how calm they get during them.  When they aren't calm, they are running circles around the whelping box.  They are building some serious muscles.. :)  And as of tonight the puppycams are functional.  (Doesn't seem to work on phones that do not have Flash installed.)  So come watch as they grow, feed, and live life.. :)  You can access the cams here at the bottom of the page: 


Big day for the puppies 

Today the puppies went into have their dew claws removed.  All went well and they handled it like the champions they are.  Posh was quite concerned, but she did ok too.  Everyone is finally gaining weight which is a good thing! We finally got pictures up.  Go to this link to see them.   


Puppy Culture Protocol initiated 

Today the Tommy Bahama (TB) litter began their Puppy Culture Protocol.  This includes five parts.  1) Hold puppy upright for 5sec.  2) Hold puppy facing down for 5sec. 3) Hold puppy on its nack for 5sec.  4) Touch each foot between toes with a qtip. 5) Put on a slightly cold surface for 5sec.  The reason is the pups are in a critical point in their lives for bio stimulation.  This five steps cause just the small amount of stress to be able to learn to adjust to changes and stresses in their lives easily.

8-24-2016 Puppies are here!! 

Posh whelped 10 glorious puppies 4 Boys and 6 girls.  All are doing well, eating well and moving around.  Posh herself is a.fantastic mom!  Come back to this site to often for updates and live streams.