Lala is a sweet girl from a great line breeding of Multi INT CH XO EZ (Mellon) and Multi INT CH Katobi's Kryptonite (Zara).  Despite being small in stature, she is the "Boss" among the rest of the dogs.  Her intelligence is amazing and this is one Pharaoh you can actually see thinking!  

Lala is gorgeous to watch in the ring or on the field as she is so determined yet so elegant for both.  Soundness is one of her strongest attributes. Lala is a very moderate girl that has the classic look so many strive for in their breeding programs. She also can be quite silly and the common remark about her is "Cuteness in a Bottle"

Lala has done well in conformation in all venues she participates in.  In AKC she achieved both her Majors from the puppy class.  In UKC she finished her Champion very quickly with a few BOBs over competition and Group placements with competition  along the way.  She also finished her UKC GRCH at the 2012 Premier and finished the day with a Group 4!!!  Lala is also the first UKC Total Dog for Pharaohs!!!

Lala finished her AKC Field Champion in grand style by winning the Open Class at the AKC National Lure Coursing event Nov 2010.

24 Jul 2011 Lala got her first IABCA title:  International Champion with all V-1 ratings!

15-18 Sept 2011  Lala finished her AKC confirmation title and went on to pick up two of the three majors needed for GRCH!!!!!!

Lala finished #4 in UKC and #9 in LGRA for 2012!!!!

Lala is the foundation bitch for Kaije Kennels.  She is the Dam of the Moon God litter April 2013

8/2013- UKC 4 shows 2 coursing events.  BOB x1 Group 3/Lure Coursing stake winner /Total Dog #2

Lala ends the year as #4 Pharaoh Hound in UKC and will get a 2014 Premier invite!



Born: 26 Jan 2009

Breeders:  Lori Evans and Joseph Buchanan

Owners: Bekki Pina and Abigail McDonough-Sheeley

Lives  in : Bowie, MD

Registration numbers: UKC: P611-856  AKC: HP33239101

DNA - Collected

Patella: Normal

CERF:  E1-Lens, punctate cataract *significance unknown (Feb 2012)

            (Optamalogist saw minimal scarring on eye, we presume from hunting in brush, likely scratched eye.  Will re-test
                 prior to breeding to ensure not progressive.  No history in pedigree of cataracts.  Please contact for more info.)

HIPS: Good

THYROID/Chemistries/Differential/Resting Cortisol level: Normal

Full Dentition

Height: 19.8in

CHIC NUMBER:  All tests complete for AKC CHIC Number, but OFA will not accept Dr. Jean Dodd's Thyroid testing at this time.

Health Note:  Sire has produced Addison, which makes Lala a High Risk Pedigree.  If bred, she can only be bred to unaffected sires.

ICh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, LuxCh, BelgCh, KBHW '04, EW'05,Landssieger '05, Jahrhundert-Sieger ‘06, Bundessieger ’06 Sovrin Superman SC CGC "Kal-El"

AKC Ch Enigma Sovereign Journey "Eli"

AKC Ch Enigma Sweet Heather-Bell "Heather-Bell"

AKC DC Qhaveat's Good Fortune SC

Sw Ch Faouziah’s Akunosh

Int Ch Nord Ch Antefa’s Jabbah-Kaa "Kent"

Norduch Ch Farao Anubis Isis

Int Ch Siphra’s Tell Me No Lies

Int Ch NL Ch WW-95 Imerat-Paroo of the Netherlands

Ch Siphra's Mama Mia

AKC DC Qhaveat's Good Fortune SC

AKC Ch Wadjet Windwest the Wanderer

AKC Ch Shema's Hoagy Khara Michael

AKC Ch Shema's Winkin Wadjet

AKC Ch Qhaveat Shema Heavenly Bodhi JC

AKC Ch Shema's Ghazzi Khan SC "Ghazzi"

AKC Ch Shema's Blinkin Bodhi

AKC Ch Shema’s Mia Mystic Warrior

AKC Ch Shema's Ghazzi Khan SC "Ghazzi"

AKC Ch Shema's Khara Mia

AKC Ch Shema Mia Jubilee "Jubilee"

AKC Ch Beltara's Pantooset Oberon JC "Oberon"

AKC Ch Shema's Khara Mia

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